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Small space, large wardrobe, home surgery

Want to use the limited space to the most extreme, first start from your own bedroom, and as one of the bedrooms, one of the big pieces of furniture can be a headache for everyone. The following Xiaobian support for everyone...

Your bedroom is surrounded by walls too monotonous, wardrobe too big to occupy space, let your wardrobe "drill" into the wall it is recommended square changing room, can be designed as "U" shape cabinet, fully fitted wall. Long shaped room, wardrobe parallel arrangement is better, also can keep 1 square meters of space change. Wide long room in depth is not very adequate, the cabinet design of L shape is better, so that you can have the most broad visual effects and characters, greatly release the bedroom space, the utility area also increased.

A closet with a sliding door is the most space free. It won't block the door because the door is open. But remember to buy, in addition to pay attention to sliding doors of styles and colors, but also pay attention to choose the sliding door guide. Good guide will have two antibouncer in the design, to ensure the safety when sliding door does not rebound. There is only one anti jump device or pulley without anti jumping device, and the door is easy to derail when using.

Custom wardrobe is popular with the public because of its design and its shape plasticity, and it can maximize the space of the use of the room. You can explore some corner spaces inside your house and transform it into a wardrobe or cloakroom. In addition, many wardrobes are not tall, leading to the wardrobe at the top and ceiling have a large section of space wasted, and easy to dust. The small room may as well choose the wardrobe which goes straight to the ceiling, and takes full advantage of the top area.

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